Mission: Connecting Women to Business Success

Central to the ABAC Women’s Forum is policy generation and advocacy within the APEC framework. To achieve this, it’s clear that there needs to be a significant number of women ABAC members, so we strongly encourage our economies to appoint more women members from their business communities.

We also feel there is a need for closer cohesion for the diverse range of regional and global women’s organizations, whose input can only strengthen the voice of women in business.

The activities of the ABAC Women’s Forum fall into three categories that we call “the three C’s”:

  • Capacity-building – working with APEC and external women’s groups to develop appropriate capacity-building policy recommendations to assist women entrepreneurs. By providing the necessary resources, we hope to mobilise the untapped women’s workforce in the region for greater economic inclusion.
  • Collaboration – improving cooperation between formal and informal APEC bodies concerned with gender issues, learning more about what each other is doing, and supporting them by participating in each others’ events.
  • Conversation – this is a key word for the ABAC Women’s Forum. We want to engage women entrepreneurs in the region, not just inform. We invite external women’s groups to our quarterly meetings alongside every ABAC meeting; we arrange informative and inspirational visits to organizations promoting women in business, such as women’s SME centres or colleges, and conduct interactive participation at events. Interactivity is a key differentiator of the Forum.

Through these activities and more we aim to improve conditions for women in business, and to inspire the next generation of women entrepreneurs in the APEC region.