Message from the Chair

Chair for 2011: Cher Wang, ABAC Chinese Taipei

Cher WangIt is my very great pleasure and honour to Chair the ABAC Women’s Forum in its first year, and I am excited at our mission and program of events. While our aims may appear ambitious for such a young organization, and our numbers limited, I firmly believe that the enthusiasm shown by our small but very dedicated group of women executives will enable us to make a real difference to working women throughout the APEC region.

ABAC Women’s Forum members between them represent a remarkable range of experience and business success; a firm foundation on which to build programs and policies that really get to the heart of mitigating gender empowerment, entrepreneurship and diversity issues in.

Working together with APEC and other women’s organizations, we will identify the priority areas where sound policy recommendations need to be brought to high-level government attention, while at the same time enhancing collaboration among women within APEC and beyond.

Cher Wang

Cher Wang

Cher Wang’s strategic insight into technology trends and entrepreneurship has enabled her to establish a number of highly successful IT-related businesses. She is currently the chairman of three Taiwan-listed companies, and on the board of directors of or advisor to numerous other enterprises.

Cher is Chairman of VIA Technologies, Inc., which she established in California in 1987 and which went on to supply around half of the global PC market with core logic chipsets before expanding into complete energy-efficient PC processor platforms. Today, VIA is driving system innovation in the PC, thin client and embedded markets, and has won accolades for anticipating early the drive for power efficiency and for pioneering new, smaller form factors at both the silicon and platform level.

In 1997, Wang co-founded and is Chairman of HTC Corp. that aimed to converge mobile computing and communications through the development of innovative smart phones. This vision has translated into a multi-billion dollar global company that has consistently been first to market with new technologies. HTC designs and manufactures many of the most popular and powerful handsets on the market.

Wang is active in the international business community, participating as an Industry Partner at the World Economic Forum and on the APEC Business Advisory Council. In 2005, she was selected as an Innovator in the “2005 Stars of Asia: 25 Leaders on the Forefront of Change” by Business Week and was named as one of the ten executives to watch in Asia. Her business achievements have also been widely acclaimed in major international media, including the New York Times and the Financial Times. A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, Cher is married with two children.